Import and customs duty calculator for exporters

Export Duties

Export duties consist of general or specific taxes on goods or services that become payable when the goods leave the economic territory or when the services are delivered to non-residents; triggering clearance process at the port of destination before releasing the goods.


Export duties can be a very complicated and demanding process, especially for e-commerce and high volume carrier and postal companies, from the collection of the right data at the point of sale, through preparing the right export declaration for them, to clearance at the destination port, storage and clearance fees, adding layers of costs and delays to a demanding and fast moving industry.


Requirements and Compliances

  • Have the appropriate licenses.
  • make export declarations to customs through the National Export System (NES).
  • make sure that VAT, import taxes and duties in the destination country are paid where necessary.
  • follow transport procedures – though this is normally the responsibility of the importing person or company.
  • keep satisfactory evidence of their departure.
  • hold enough evidence from your accounting records to prove that a transaction has taken place.
  • keep official evidence of export – either the Goods Departure Message for goods leaving the EU direct from the UK (direct exports) or, for goods leaving the EU via other member states (indirect exports), an Export Accompanying Document (EAD) – the EAD must be stamped by customs in the last member state where the goods exit the EU – the office of exit.


You must provide the right documentation, even if your customer handles paying duty on the goods in the destination third country. Third countries may have import duty regimes in place, but in some countries your exports may qualify for a reduced rate of duty or be classed as duty free.


Third country duties are based on the type of goods you’re exporting, their origin and their value, all of which are subject to change in the destination countries.

The solution

Given how complicated the above sounds, we have developed a solution that ultimately automates all of the above requirements, plus additional operations and financial features that virtually automates and digitizes the whole cycle, like identifying the right HS code for a commodity, calculating the right D&V value at destination, producing the right declarations and documentation for local and foreign customs authorities, in addition to the possibility of utilizing the full features of the solution and collecting the said value from the consignee in the same automated process.


Our solution works for over 110 countries, maximizing the potential of your sales globally, and making foreign markets possible and simple to trade with, as well as being a ready-made solution to tackle any scenario Brexit may go to, and ensuring that your business is not disrupted by any outcome.


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