Import duty calculator For E-Commerce

Smooth, Seamless, Online

The world of e-commerce is one which could use significant software upgrades on a regular basis because it operates solely online. Customers buy and sell their desired products without any need for physical stores and the complications which come with that.

This makes them prime candidates for software like Duties etc. It can help to make their lives a lot easier because they do not have to worry about trivial matters such as pursuing customers for their payments.


Online shopping is perhaps one of the most popular ways for people to get access to their favourite products. There are so many outlets and stores which all use e-commerce to create practical and functional businesses. However, this is precisely why import duty tax calculators and the other features built into the program would be useful.

You save time and resources when you don’t have to chase up customers for yourself. You’re not bound to spending an hour sending out emails and making phone calls – Duties etc. does it all for you. That’s something which can not be underestimated because it genuinely aids the business and gives you more time to concentrate on other tasks, without compromising.

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GDPR Compliant

E-Commerce businesses will love the fact that Duties etc. is compliant with all of the latest EU data protection laws and regulations because a lot of trade can come from member countries. It’s easy to see why this might be a hotly coveted resource when it gives you access to protecting the information of customers and users.


A reliable business is one who looks after the sensitive information of the recipients. The machine either ignores information that it does not need it only stores relevant details. There’s a top-notch security system in place to protect the data further, and all guidelines have been met in accordance with the GDPR rules.

Multiple Currencies

Here’s the thing about buying and selling goods online. You do not want to restrict your clients to have only one form of currency to pay with, or even just a handful. The system offers the chance to pay in any currency desired, so there’s no risk of you failing to get a product to someone. It’s all part of our aim to make sure that the system is accessible as possible by users because that will help to ensure success for their business.


So there’s a lot of options that are available to people who want to be able to enjoy a selection of e-commerce tools that will help to make their lives a lot easier. The world of online business is one which will challenge those who are unprepared. There are methods for every part of the process which can be simplified with the aid of Duties etc. We offer the best because as a customer, it’s what you deserve. It helps to make your e-commerce experience more manageable and to avoid some of the common pitfalls which make it such a challenge.