Import duty calculator for carriers

For Carriers

Being a carrier of goods and services is not a desirable profession 98% of the time. A lot of companies get a terrible reputation for dropping the ball on how they deal with customers and their levels of service. However, you do not have to be like that. You can be so much more than that.


We work with a lot of carriers who have used our software to streamline their services and create a new level of customer satisfaction. If you read on, you’ll start to see exactly how having the right computer system can benefit you.

Characteristics of a Carrier

So, what makes a suitable carrier? Well, the first thing that springs to mind is punctuality and speed. A good carrier needs to be able to transport goods and services on time every time. It becomes the very core of their reputation, and those who can’t aspire to the standard find they fall behind in the marketplace.

However, things such as import duty tax can slow down the process by quite some way. It’s never usually a fault of the carrier company, but instead the sellers, who haven’t been able to calculate the exact amount of tax that needs to be paid and charged the recipient. A good system will prevent this because it allows you to instantly calculate the amount of tax that needs to be charged, and then to pass that information on to the customer.

The Full Edition Delivers the Full Experience

Of course, those businesses who want to be able to provide seamless customer service would benefit more from the full edition of the software. This allows for incredibly smooth and simplistic carrying services. For example, you can have an automatic system which sends a message to the recipients while the goods are in transit, collecting payments for import duty taxes and then allowing the rest of the process to go forward. There is no interruption to service, and there is no delays, which means that the reputation of the carrier company and the sellers remain intact.


Furthermore, the system is compliant with all EU data protection laws which have been implemented or are going to be implemented, which means that customers can feel safe and reliable in putting their details into the system.


So you can probably tell why it’s a good idea for any carrier company to invest in software like this. It helps to streamline the service and give people something that they can utilise for every element of their company, and not just for specific clients. The applications that you find for this system are up to you, but there is no doubt that it’s a highly advanced piece of technology which will aid any company in getting the best reputation possible and delivering the top levels of customer service which we all aspire to. While merely being able to calculate the taxation required for importing goods is desirable on its own, the full edition provides a selection of other resources which help to make transporting goods smooth and easy.