Reduced Overheads

Replacing manual functions

Duties etc. will automate all your clearance department!
By integrating Duties etc. to your backend system or platform, you are virtually replacing all manual functions from the process, whether you are exporting goods or importing them, or you’re a logistics company or a retailer, our solution will replace all the manual handling process, collecting the data, verifying the accuracy of it, calculating the accurate customs and duties at destination if any, allocating the HS code related to the parcel, triggering a payment request to the final consignee automatically by email and SMS, trigger the release instruction automatically to the customer’s operating system.


Having automated the clearance functions, there will be no need for a big number of clerks to calculate the duties or run test entries, no phone calling to the receiver or final consignee, reduced calling charges for international collections in case of export, no physical need for staff to release and hold shipments due to the automated nature of the process, and above all, a much healthier cash flow considering that our solution will collect most of your duties and VAT before the business hits the final destination port.


Reduced labour costs

From our experiences with our clients, we have noticed a huge saving in the overheads department, from reduced labour costs to reduced consultancies and improved efficiency in the clearance process, our customers rely now on the customized reports that Duties etc. produces for different departments in the business, whether it’s for the accounting and finance department for reconciliation purposes, or operations import\export departments in updating instructions to parcels.


Another feature that Duties etc. provides is KYC (Know Your customer), which is a requirement in certain complex markets like Russia and China, where collecting ID copies and details is compulsory for ecommerce, so we developed the feature to collect and validate these documents and details seamlessly, and again, removing the manual need for any human interference.

Superior capacity

The automatic nature of the process, along with it’s superior capacity to calculate a huge number of entries in a split second, compared to the manual process of calculating individually, is enabling businesses to gain more volumes without worrying about staffing and recruitment, it doesn’t matter if you export or import 5 shipments a week or 5000 shipments a week, our system will calculate 1000 transactions in milliseconds, unlocking new markets and new capacities for your business, without the huge amount of investment and cost of labour and facilities normally needed for manual handling.


Duties etc.  will make the global as easy as the local.