Notification of customers

Customer Experience

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”

As described by “The Economist”, data has knocked off oil from the top of the list for valuable resources, due to the insight and knowledge that can be extracted from it.

The possibility of optimizing the supply chain for retailers and integrators by eliminating repetitive processes related to data transfer, and utilizing the available data in integrating with different systems in different steps within the supply chain cycle, opens doors of possibilities for the e-commerce industry, by transferring the data entry part to the final individual customer, and transmits the data back to the retailer \ carrier to fulfil the purchase.


With the data that is already captured by retailers and e-commerce businesses, integration to operational software and integrators are being build, transferring the data from the purchase point to the shipping point, and that’s where Duties etc. provides an extra efficiency, by using the same data in real-time, to create a notification or correspondence with the final consignee.


Informing Customers

Using the consignees’ email addresses and mobile numbers, we can automate a notification to be sent to either or both, personalized to the integrator or retailer’s brand, informing the customer with details about their expected consignment, and including a secure payment link in the notification to collect calculated duties at destination, ID copies, or any other payment that our client wishes to collect.


Duties etc. is regulated and compliant with GDPR rules and offers a huge improvement to the customer experience in terms of simplification of process and speed, allowing the companies to focus on fulfilling orders and deliveries, and automating a big part of the customer services and export \ import teams, and presenting a substantial overhead cost savings in labour expenses.

Collection of funds

Another great feature of the solution is the collection of funds, where most payment portals will dictate collecting the funds into their bank accounts and transferring them in return to their clients with a delay, we will integrate the client’s nominated bank account, making sure that the funds are cleared in our clients account prior to the delivery date in most cases, offering them a huge improvement to the cash flow planning, reducing dependencies on larger integrators who hold deferment accounts with the customs department, and giving the final consignee the peace of mind of inputting their card details to the trusted platforms they use, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, etc.


Our pilot clients who tested this solution with us and currently using it were extremely impressed with the improvement of their collection cycle for such charges from 25% to 80% completed transactions.

If this is something that your business can benefit from and you would like to unlock those efficiencies and possibilities within your supply chain, contact us today for a free consultation.