Calculation of import duty

How does Duties etc. Calculator work ?


Knowing how much import duty to pay can be incredibly helpful for running a smooth and efficient operation at any level. The current system allows for import duty to be calculated and collected just fine, but it’s also a very inefficient system that can lead to the wasting of people, time and resources. For this reason, it is wise to work with a new system such as this one.


Calculating essential duty does not need to be a massive challenge any longer. The new system automatically calculates the tax, which needs to be paid on imports for over 100 countries.

When you consider that the old system involved using the Royal Mail and other facilities to arrive at the same place, businesses will begin to understand what makes it such a valuable resource for their company. So much hassle is cut out, and the calculations are precise, whereas a person might forget to take a particular factor into account.


Complexity of duties

It’s very difficult to probably articulate just how precious a resource like this can be when it comes to removing unnecessary costs. The time and money which you can lose from third-party interactions can be significant, and many smaller businesses struggle because they don’t have the resources required to maintain imports with such restrictions in place. If you can change that, and make it so you can precisely calculate the amount of import duty have to pay, then any company will see immediate results.


So as you can see, there are a lot of reasons why a business would benefit from being able to calculate the amount of import duty that they have to pay. There are fewer things more important than time and resources when it comes to operating an enterprise efficiently. You have to be sure that you’re getting the most out of all the different elements and processes that make up your business. This includes using the right tools in the right places, so don’t hesitate to give Duties etc. a go. If you take the time to stop and figure it out, then you can reduce the number of extra costs that come from something as simple as import duty tax.

Benefiting Businesses

Duties etc. can benefit your business quite quickly when you stop and consider the way it works.

At the moment, courier companies have to collect payment before they can make a delivery. They do this by putting a card through the door of the recipient of the package, who has to go to the collection point, pay the costs and collect the item. It’s quite inefficient, but it does not have to be this way, in other cases, they will hold the shipment and call for payment, and only release the shipment upon settling the VAT & Duties.


Now imagine a system where you can seamlessly calculate the amount of import duty that you have to pay, while at the same time removing all of the awkward interactions with third parties and wasting of time and resources. Most businesses may dream of being able to circumvent all the difficult elements which make up calculating import duty and delivering items, but now it becomes a reality.