Duties etc. Gets a New Look

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Duties etc. Gets a New Look

S9 Tech is renowned for its revolutionary approach – in particular, combining unique software development expertise with years of experience working in the freight and retail sectors. Duties etc. is one of our latest bespoke offerings – a market leading SaaS product to revolutionise custom duty payment collections.


The Duties etc. software has been a worldwide success – with both logistics and retail companies benefiting from its seamless integration with their existing systems as well as its functional capabilities – saving time and money!


We have also introduced a brand new FREE tool. Our free duty calculator is used to calculate import duty & taxes for 108 destinations worldwide. The calculator provides thousands of calculations and classifications to customers, brokers, retailers and logistics carriers. S9 Tech has created general access to this tool for 3 free calculations. Try it at https://dutiesetc.com/tools-import-duty-and-tax-calculator/


As well as our free tool, brand new website, simple explainer video and worldwide press interest, there are some other things that have got us very excited here at the S9 Tech HQ too.


We have recently completed a whole host of super new upgrades to make the existing software even better! Listening to our users and as needs develop with back-end system integrations and external factors such as preparations for a No Deal Brexit, we have come up with a range of improvements we know will make a difference to user experience. We won’t bore you with too much of the techy detail but we do want give you a quick update on how you will benefit!


  • Multithread upgrades: to improve performance and import records twice as fast
  • Rabbit Queue: queue integration in the communication between our integration software and Duties etc. will avoid any missing information and guarantee the correct sequence of events
  • Tax Plug-ins: all duties calculators are implemented with a unique tax plug- ins so that any changes are easily updated without any effect on the duties etc. software.
  • New workflow: introduction of a new workflow on specific accounts to manage multiple records with the same order reference
  • Improving Logs: we have added more information in the activity logs so it will easier to find all the information about how duties are calculated
  • Worldwide Algorithms : with new countries discovering the benefits of Duties etc. all the time, we are continuously adding new algorithms to calculate the duties of the destination country
  • User Experience: New login page

Multi login: access to different account with the same login



Get in touch for a no obligation assessment on how Duties Etc. could improve and impact on your business.

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