DutiesEtc. Story


With specialist experience in the logistics and retail sector, S9 Tech has developed a unique and market leading SaaS product to revolutionise your custom duty payment collections.


Understanding the problems faced by these industries, S9 Tech is perfectly placed to create custom software designed to really make a difference. Nearly every shipment that crosses an international border is subject to custom duty and taxes. Every country determines the assessment of import and export duties and taxes differently. Added to this, the ID number and image requirements also vary between countries, and with Brexit fast approaching , freight companies and retailers face the insecurity of what customs changes will be on the horizon.


So What Does Duties etc. do?

Putting aside the fact that we think that this is a very cool piece of software, we know that you do not need to hear the “geek speak” about how it works.  You only need to know how it will work for you! Duties etc. calculates the VAT & Duty payments that may be due on cross-border parcels or shipments. The solution may be used for both DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), to notify consumers of any excess and to collect payment and also for DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) to provide merchants or agents with the ability to calculate and pre-pay VAT & Duty on shipments prior to dispatch.



The Duties etc. system from S9 Tech takes away all of the hassle of collecting duties and payments from your customers and provides you with a fully automated, GDPR compliant system to do all the hard work for you. If you are unsure how much duty you need to collect. Or even if you need to collect duties or tax at all, Duties etc. will take all of the uncertainty away – automatically calculating duties and taxes for every order you are shipping. Seamlessly integrating with your existing front or back-end systems, the Duties etc. system will automatically inform customers with daily SMS and email reminders of the charges to be paid or I.D numbers and ID image which needs to be uploaded before your services can be fulfilled.


Historically single duty calculator integrations were available for integration into retailers’ e-commerce systems. However, with the move from these plug-ins to the provision of a complete checkout solution, means that updating your systems can be a costly investment. Not with the Duties etc solution from S9 Tech. If you need to add international shipping calculations into your e-commerce systems, we can assist you by integrating our easy to use duty calculator so you know exactly how much duty you need to be charging your customers. This benefits both you and your customers with clear, transparent costing and quick and easy payments straight into your account.



• Improved transit times
• Reduced backlogs at destination
• Reduced clearance and storage cost losses
• Reduced personnel due to automated process and follow up


• Wide range of suppliers including Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Wallet and Global Payments
• Provides real-time customer data
• PCI DSS & GDPR compliant
• Subscription and transaction model
• Complete history audit trail



• Streamline your internal processes
• Fast and secure payment
• Healthy cashflow
• Fully automated
• Flexible, fast and scalable implementation
• Guaranteed improvement in payment rates